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Company Profile

SHUBHIKA TECHNOLOGIES is having more than 40 years of successful experience in the manufacturing of Electronics Goods. The company prides itself as devoted and reliable manufacturer of Ferrite Transformers, Inductors, Drum Coils, USB Chargers, Lamination Transformers, Power Supplies and LED Lighting Systems.

Our company have always shared a very special business relationship with all our customers all through these years. We integrate immense effort and ensure supply of best in class products. Imparting excellence to our customers is our topmost priority. Our company have thus accumulated rich experience and have been awarded high appraisal from customers all over India.

Our company is ISO 9001 certified and expertise’s in product development through top notch R&D and designing facilities. Through in-depth market understanding of the demand, the products are evaluated and designed according to the needs of the end consumer.


We aspire to bring technology solutions to breadth of markets, including Telecommunications, Power, Entertainment, Information Systems, Industrial, Consumer and Lighting Electronics, by connecting customers to the right technology at the right place and right price.


In line with its ambitions, SHUBHIKA TECHNOLOGIES have been gearing up its operations by strengthening business practices and aligning them with the best global standards to create new benchmarks of quality and customer satisfaction.

Our company is committed to develop empowering technology in the form of easy to use, dependable products that meet the customer’s needs. SHUBHIKA TECHNOLOGIES is increasingly focused on vast opportunities being unveiled in the Indian market through optimal utilisation of its manufacturing plant and skilled design team.

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